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The Box appeared to be fashioned from fine, polished Ebon Woods, the latter being lacerated with faint accents of earthy, reddish tones. The Box was carefully adorned with elegant motifs and was altogether well crafted. It had been bestowed upon me as a way to celebrate my very first Wedding and I was rather pleased with this. None of my entourage had said anything in regards to what the Box contained, other than luxurious Gifts from the Gods, but rather left me to ponder ambiguously about its contents, and about the reason it was hidden from me. However, it could not have been stressed enough of me never to open it, for the contents of the Box were to remain mysterious in nature.

I kept observing it from the corner of my eye, implicitly wondering how long I should have it in my possession. And then the thought came to me: How could I find out what it contained without actually unlocking it? I picked it up from my dressing parlor with my delicate, petite bronze hands and shook it tenderly. There were no sounds. I was hoping to hear perhaps the sound of gold coins or of jewels, but no sound came. Then I looked at it from every angle. I even attempted to perceive an aroma, or a delicate scent and no matter how much I tried to use all of my five senses, the mystery of the box remained as such: altogether unbeknownst to me.

And then a voice appeared:
“Let us out” he said. “Please let us out and see the Light of Day.”
I was altogether surprised by this, and replied nearly instantly:
“But who are you? And for which reasons are you found locked away inside this pretty Ebon Box?”

“We are not in the true knowledge of who we are, nor do we truly know our purpose; for do you entirely know yours?”

An emotion or sentiment seemed to escalate in intensity from within the depths of my heart; I felt something I had never felt. I could not describe it entirely...perhaps it was fear, uneasiness or apprehension. I began to wonder whether I should find out about these voices much further before letting them out, whomever they were, beckoning me from inside the Box.

And then chants rose in the midst of my own Nightmares...

Abysmal Chants

“We are as what thou art
unique and beauteous
wrought as a sentiment upon thy Verve
as from the World’s hidden wretchedness
we have been fashioned
to cause such lowliness to be en route
for inextricable abolition
and elevate into the Glory of Divinity
An utter resolution it is deemed;
is it not as such?

And another voice appeared:

I am as thou art
no ways to cease this course of mine
as the opposers of my Bright Paradigm
wilt from petals all the way
to the bloody roots
even if they are the sturdiest
of all flowerets
I am as thou art
no ways to bring an end to the end
as the end is not an end in itself
Rest assured as I exhibit the last and ongoing staging
of my impressive Eternity
And what will the End bestow upon thee?
Only what thou hast achieved in Life

The Dark ones retorted:
As such
May your Kingdom Crumble
And be built again from the ashes of the wings
Of our faithful angels”

“What is this? Who are you? Who is it that is speaking in my mind?" I uttered in my lucid dream still unawake.

Another thought suddenly appeared in my mind and I rose.

“He, named Jehovah, so high in cognizance and prominence has he gone, that his prescience knows no time and no limits. It made him long aware of the Brightest having an equal in the Shade, an opposite, egotistical reflection. God gives us the ability to shun or come into the knowledge of such a World.

I retorted quickly:
“What does Shade signify?”

“The low mind. Jehovah and Shekinah’s creations will soon come in effect and struggle no more with the meaning of Life...”

Human beings do not in any manner know how to come to grasps as to the manner in which their thoughts have been formed and why some, if not most of these are classified as terrible (Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – the configuration of each persona of all human beings as one amalgam (Adam)), which Jehovah warned of. Innocence beats the terrible for innocence is thought of as a shelter and does not consider its low axioms in any way or manner and creates a perseverant state when willed as such.

The Unknowable (the top of the Sacred Tree – Kether) cannot be reached by thought, nor even by will – but rather the prognosis of this World, and especially, the cure shall come at the perfect instance – and bring forth the moment he chooses to let the true, ineffable and unimaginable meaning of his venerated name known.

Immortality stems from the realms of Spiritual Luminosity and what God aims for is a transubstantiation of mortality so the soul may be sublimed no matter the flaws and sins that have tried him and that will never try him again. In the advent that one wishes to Sublime himself, rather than be in any way negated, he must come in eternal harmony with the Opus Christi, which is in this case, perfection of the Heart and the Soul (La Rose internissable du Coeur et de l’âme) throughout all. And for Life to become eternal rather than voided, even in the most barren of States, Life must overcome itself and the flaws that constitute his current being.

However, it is the responsibility of each human being to propel himself towards the highest of all peaks (In excelsis Deo), akin to becoming the greatest of all energies needed to displace, for instance, matter past the confines of Cosmos. He shall be the one to set the Golden Age afire, for the Worlds below will rise all the way above.

As I beheld her gaze upon the Heights of the Horizon
The Light of the Elevated rapidly ignited
And everything around me grew stronger
I wrote her name and request on parchment paper,
with the indelible ink made from Dragon's Blood
and dug it into the ground right above her Dwelling
For my words are brought to her, from Earth to the Past Worlds
And then she answered...
“Carry on with your Journey towards the Self
towards the Unknowable
Towards an achievement that is so magnificent
that it astounds thee beyond the Godliness that is already thine.







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