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The Kosmos is an astounding creation. It spreads throughout the vastness of the Void at speeds which are below or are just below that of Light, and some worlds have never been in contact with each other, as what distances them is far too great to be bridged even just under an astronomical number of Light years. But what if we could travel as fast or faster than the speed of Light (Warp 10)? Some might say that moving at such a breakneck speed would cause our mass to increase exponentially and that it would require infinite energy to displace. If possible, one could perhaps change this by creating a vessel that annuls this effect (anti-gravity and anti-mass). What if we were to create a vessel not only capable of bridging the cosmic gaps, but that could alter the effects time (and even Light) has on us?

Michio Kaku, in his book HyperSpace, argues that travelling at the speed of Light would cause a slowing down of time within the vessel. Would that be required to reach higher spaces that are hidden from the third dimension? Would we have access to alternate realities that are independent from the flow of time? Would I find myself subjected to a different scenario that would possess no true cause of its own (Acausality)? These dimensions are not revealed to us for the reason that, to explore life from a different point of view, or more precisely to access a more intricate state of being, it requires relativity. The Kosmos is not merely physical; there are elements within it that are spiritual. The MetaVerse is not only the womb of younger galaxies, but it is the center of being, it is Pleroma. I believe this is where God’s powers lie within a dimension where time has been desquamated and physicality has been transubstantiated.

Alien Intelligence

God, in my opinion, possesses a mind that rules over ‘Alien Intelligence’. His mind is not only fractalized and yet harmonious, but is not quite mystic as we understand it or as some might argue nor does it differ from a multitude or a series of vibrations made manifest at once. Mystic here does not designate to 'Merge' with him, but rather signifies what is 'Co-Eternal' (with him). His rational mind keeps things ordered rather than chaotic. And the Holy Spirit, the active force stemming from his being, keeps his creation Holy (for those that are willed towards God). Time keeps it ordered to an extent, but absence of time means his thoughts take place independently from the past, the present or the future. Eternity has very little to do with time, but rather is more aptly defined by not being ruled nor adjudicated by time. It is ruled and adjudicated by the presence of God. The Void, contrastingly, is adjudicated not by the ‘absence of God’, but rather is found outside of his creation until brought into being, as an essential part thereof. The past as well as the future happen in the ‘now’ and God’s state never changes no matter what may happen with his creation. Like a particle in Æther that is layered upon and layered below it and which takes on different functions at every possible level of reality and never really changes.

Why one ought to change, if one has reached perfection beyond measure (which is what the number 0 means (the limitless Void made real by the brightest of Lights))? It took an Eternity of Chaos to bring order and sublimation to Creation (Light) (as there is no true limit to the Void's relative frequency even when deemed imperceptible). As for ‘Alien Mathematics’ – I consider it needed to define the fire of Divinity at the most minute level. Mathematically, it can be proven to exist – but only if we are above an understanding which far outstretches mere human thought. However, this state cannot be reached by thought nor by will, no matter how pure. YHWH is an ever-changing mathematical formula (even if he himself does not change per the perfection he's attained) that spawns over eons but is always proportional and respective to the laws and principles that this high spirit has mused. In other words, it takes an Eternity to reach the Eternal, and for that reason alone we shall be forever immortal.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Here is what I think in relation to everything I have learned esoterically and scientifically. To be a witness is one way to align yourself with Divinity and take upon the role that has been bestowed upon you. By role I mean to vibrate at your highest in proportion to your own formula of being. It is to evolve on a road where the Heavens guide you toward where and whom you are meant to be: a friend and ally that has a high respect for himself, life and for his creator.

In conclusion, I deem being surpasses non-being by far, for it is willed forward, willed to attain a perfection that will be cemented into your own being and willed to reach higher and higher with each passing eon. The phrase ‘I think, therefore I am’ best illustrates this. But I say: ‘I think perfectly, therefore I am at my best for that moment until I can reach even better’…






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