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Amongst the Populace, out on the verge of endless time and beyond the entire breadth of Life there he is perceived. One can only hope to catch a glimpse of his Splendour until one perfectly understands the process that rendered him as both a Spirit of Liveness and Voidness; but, there he is observing past all. The World is watched by him, all the way down to the Composure of each being.

I present myself: I am a Divine Caretaker of patches of little golden Daffodils among others, which I also sow and water the seeds of; Daffodils that have found root and home right at the foot of beautiful decorative flower trees. I call myself Divine for the reason that my duty goes far beyond tilling and growing, but rather coming into the knowledge, through mystical observation and care, of the uppermost characteristic in regards to these plants and to the Divinity they aim to instill. The delicate fragrance of blossoms, the early fruitful saplings, the springtime colors and fabled garden tales nearly express the utopic ideal we have strived to attain since the fall of Eden, in the West Bank of Jordan. When the occasion rises, avid floral caretakers who till portions of the dreamy, intricate Garden call me “Amy” from the pseudonym Amysthys; the French roots Aimée are expounded as beloved or, alternately, to be loved. These gardeners are the many secretive, and kindly ones whom have chosen to take part as their endeavour in rebuilding Eden: through the care of this breathtakingly lush and beautiful Grove found in a very secluded, protected region. It is a place, which ultimately leads to Heaven and, I hope to discover the manner in which it can be found.

The caring of Daffodils is but a current horticultural designation for the enduring role I possess: that of a petite demoiselle who is, quite particularly, cognizant of both deep and ostensible allegories, especially with those attributed to blossoms or plants.  I have also been told, by the Spiritual Lord’s emissaries, it is now my turn for the role of mentor - to impart my vivid appreciation of these beautiful Daffodils to the ones that have the will to learn and emancipate. Feminine divinity, I will steadfastly maintain, is akin to the gorgeousness and gentleness of a multitude of flowers and Male divinity, in the Earth and thorns that have made their exquisite eloquence possible.

The moment further indication of abstruse, elaborate concepts upon which Creation is thought to be built, dawn like the magnificent Sun (whether through Bible Exegesis or Spiritual Experience), it becomes as a rediscovered interpretation of Ancient Truth for those whose spirit wishes to become as elaborate – or as Gnostics (those whom are ready for emancipation). It will prove, at that point, to be a delightful renewal of faith enabling them to tailor their divine liberation further and farther than before (their milieu, whether conjectural/acausal (dreams or the “other side”) or tangible (physical), is but a theatrical scene for the understanding of spiritual adulation). The latter might render all as erudite as the heavenly missionaries are known to be and send mankind to the highest, radiant premises of a florid Heaven.

Birthed from the Demiurge’s less than principled laws, every change in Creation is still brought outside of revelry and imagination, right into the juxtaposition and context of the illusory and the known (Maya). It thus makes its existence essential to Man’s growing harmony with the Creator – a paramount aspect of God (for Cosmos finds itself between man and God). However, the god of the Old Testament (Creator) still sanctions power and tyrannical stature as seen within the interpretations of the Hebrew Scriptures, and thus his nature is of both Light and Darkness (YHVH), thus making the Sacred Tree unbalanced for creation is also utilized as a door towards the nether worlds. However, it is still meant to be as a route to Heaven (Creation leading back to Origin). But, the Demiurge is considered to be quite different to the Regnum Tenebrarum (the Void). In this respect, the belief that the Demiurge is ultimately borne of supremacy as none other than himself has ever deemed higher, still persists.

Some have expounded this tyranny as the Culmination and Fulfilment of a Cyclical Period leading to the True God’s Arrival and Coronation (Jesus was his messenger and son) or, alternately, leading to the occurrence of his paradigmatic magnanimity (Greater Pleroma). Flaw is needed for it leads to perfection as Yeshua makes his sinful followers Initiates to his Gnosis (and that being the role of the Bible and Religion as a whole). And to consider that I, a Daffodil Lady could be the source of unrestrained and liberating sentiment as well as a deific experience for those drawn to the magnificent attributes Daffodils inwardly express, is the very reason I aim to impart my knowledge and reverie to them. My very nature therefore cannot result arbitrarily from a fortunate emergence of flowerets; but rather, I am part of a precise formulation that exudes, quite exhaustibly, the secretive and extraordinary surge of Spiritual Existence or Le Souffle de l’Esprit, found even within the constraints of cosmicality.

Most flowers belong to the female polarity and, understanding their beauty brings us closer to grasping the complexities and finesse that the Godly femininity has chosen to express. In this tangible World: functionality, being the root of Physics brings us to physical immortality - and, symbolically - to the spiritual Truth that Being surpasses non-Being.

Non-being is explained as the ability to be without existing…the first God has exceeded all possible realities of being and thus eludes our conception of “true being” or “true existence”. True being is defined as the realization of the self through an endless series of thoughts, emotions and actions based on former and future manifestations all at once (in the Multiverse) – and thus composes consciousness (the linking of the past with the future, and the manifestation thereof). To be a non-being does not include lack of awareness of the self, but rather is the absolute opposite of this. It is to be in awareness of the self so deeply that thoughts and emotions have the ability to become cemented (therefore unchangeable) at any given moment for they have already become knowledge and perfection of themselves (called creative simultaneity or the Magnum Dei).

Non-being is the ability to possess a relative existence to all, and thus be understood in different manners to all (Eternities). It is ever-changing for perceptions vary tremendously and as such is relative and not truly existent. The laws of God the manifest are based on Truths such as there is none to be deemed higher than God and he is unsurpassable as he comes before, in between and after all being. God has revealed himself in the current reality (the reality of manifestation and of consciousness), and none can exceed himself without exceeding the Unmanifest (afore the source of Light – Acausal Divinity), and then the Manifest.

With the advances of NanoMedicine, Life is hoping to sustain itself to a higher degree and thus become refined as well as continually existent. Non-being cannot be defined as the absence of the self, for the self remains even if the body perishes, albeit that it is now found at a far more intricate and much less perceptible level. The God of all gods, shall remain at the uppermost, since he is the very first of the Deific Wave (the non-being that cannot be adjudicated by Birth and Death as he isn’t truly existent). In this case, the soul has attained perfection; therefore, the process has attained completion: effervescence of the senses.

It is a scientific fact that if we were to travel at the speed of Light, the speed of motion that takes place inside a vessel which travels at that speed still does not exceed the speed of Light. For instance, should one turn on a laser beam the light would not travel any faster even though the vessel is already moving. When an object tries to surpass the speed of Light, its motion ceases and Light becomes ever present. Thus in complete Light we are found.

I am an existential philosopher and mystic. I have thrived even past recognition, although I seemingly remain infinitesimal amidst gigantic trees. The Garden I am found in is luxuriously permeated with varieties of plants, flowers and flowerets. Patches of blackberry, citron and other fruits abound as well, as parts of this Garden form what we call a small Grove.

Amysthys, my full surname, being rooted in the words ‘Mystic’ and sometimes ‘Myth’, calls to mind the very reason we all seem to bear trial here; although, as the pious would irrefutably argue: God tries no one. The harshness we experience daily in this World is of an anti-mystic nature: it is about the dissolution, irreverence and deterioration of God’s benevolent guidance. One must understand that the time in which Yahweh did not permit any fruit to be eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was to prevent the Serpent from gaining power, reverence and influence. But the misconduct of Adam and Eve inadvertently opened the door of these lower spiritual worlds and the egregores began to form as evil crept fast into the World. It was the first act of Evil that even the Demiurge was affected by (his angered response).

It is nearing Summer Solstice and, Martina, a cherished Proprietor, loyally hums to me in happy, jubilant tones how beautiful her premises are: iridescent and painted in rainbow-like colors, and this to the point of frantic fascination. I tell her, that I look after the perennial plant that springs forth from a fancy and ubiquitous mind, earthly magical prowess, and sporadic rain and a Sun with no true breath or verve of its own, other than it spatters the diurnal Fire in omnidirectional ways as helium and other gases converge.
Resultantly, the Daffodils thrive first edaphically and, suddenly, as the brightness erupts in view, orange petals proceed to unfurl magically – such a grandiose eloquence. I could not be any more astonished and the need to teach about Light was more than keenly felt.

Daffodils possess six golden petals around a corona that exudes the uniqueness of the fragrance, fertility and femininity I have made mine. The moment Light is dispersed throughout the plenum and throughout the vaporous air of our idealistically paradisiacal Earth – it exudes Life unconditionally and thoroughly. We thus radiate, ideally, as equally strong and exquisitely beauteous, per the will God himself decrees.

The Philosopher, one that does not depreciate nor wilt for time can no longer exert its laws or adjudicate any time-based concepts on the being that is Eternally Perfect is being measured only at this time by the Truth of God, surpassing any governance and power: La Libre Pensée or La Pensée Paradisiaque, as we say in French, for the being or the flower bears the Highest Will of God.

Equations of astronomical proportions produce an emancipation of Light, fuelling the World and appearing at any given point within an immeasurable Void as the God, the Magnum and the Elohim. The Light that emerged from this absence is the perfect thought brought forward - the thought that required an Eternity of Chaos (Pandemonium) to formulate flawlessly.

Daffodils are also called Narcissus and Jonquil. Such beautiful names for the unique, yet bountiful floweret that I consider mine; Self-indulgence is not something I normally adhere to, but a remarkable day such as this can only cause one to speak gleefully. But what of the tree that is rooted deep underground before her? She usually depicts this tree as a God alike, for it seems so grandiose to me, which the Lord mused as he mused the gardens, the seeds, the rich fragrances and disparate colors.

It also appears as though Daffodils possess magical properties as well. They represent Unity and Perfection of Light (the transformation of Darkness into Light), second to the Tiaré Flower of the Bahamas. She said, the more she will care for me, the more she will impart her own wisdom – the same wisdom she imparted to the trees that surround this garden. The second Garden of Eden, as she so calls it. Daffodils, as is mostly unknown, are not considered for authoritative or dictatorial uses. Flowerets, being the female polarity of this kind of plant are so intrinsically complex and effervescent, it can elude the most insidious of all powers and these qualities appear, to the dabbler, unknowable. Through their finesse and complexity, they can guide the well-trained bearer to higher, nearly unattainable inner aspects of his power, most preferably of his Light, if he understands the intricacies of the requested Divinity.

Has God always been? If so, then he must know from being right and being wrong. Has he righted the wrongs? If so, how is this World not come in perfection with his Unknowable mind? Why does he not tell me anything?

My quest? Understand Existence.






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