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An artist, intellectual and woman dedicated to the beauty of the Cosmos has opened her Art website along with her facebook account to share with friends and family her new projects and endeavours for the many years to come.

I am currently studying in order to become an AeroSpace Engineer, able to program and work with new technologies devoted to spatial and aeronautic domains. I have passed from being a musician and composer, sound designer, website designer and developer, philosopher to engineering; My many years experience have brought me to Cosmology and Metaphysics in order to reach the more exoteric aspects of the Cosmos.

I would describe myself as a gentle, curious, soft-spoken and well-perused lady. I have a Love for what is beautiful, noble and wise. I am also a Christian. I attend regular meetings at the Kingdom Hall and I have an immense interest in Angels and thus, I've studied the subject of Aeviternity quite profoundly.

My favorite season is Winter for all the amazing scenery and the magic the Holidays bring. I love to read books from Michio Kaku, Steven Hawkings and Ervin Laszlo about dimensions, black holes and traveling at the speed of Light. I also Love music very much; I don't really prefer a specific genre - In my opinion, if it is a good song, the genre doesn't matter. However, these days I listen to popular music. I also Love the Star Trek movies and strongly believe that one day we will be able to travel intergalactically.

To finish, I have to say I was a Gnostic bent on escaping physicality until I came to Love the beauty of Stars and I, more than steadfastly, aim to reach beyond this World.